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29 Apr Cubic Zirconia
Kaleas Ioannis 0 147
Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a mineral that is not chemically related to the natural mineral zircon. CZ has the chemical formula ZrO2 and it’s very rare in nature. However in 1976 a synthetic CZ was manufactured which from the beginning was widely used in jewelry and has been used continuously since then..
29 Apr Silver
Kaleas Ioannis 0 158
In everyday language it is usually called silver. The word silver comes from the expression "unknown silver", which means silver without marking. As for the etymology of the word silver, it comes from the word "argos" of the ancient Greek language. The adjective "slow" meant "bright». The Latin wor..
29 Apr Sapphire
Kaleas Ioannis 0 147
Corundum (Al2O3) is a mineral that appears in many colors. The red corundum is called ruby. All other shades of the precious quality of corundum are called sapphires. So we have transparent sapphire, blue sapphire created from iron and titanium impurities in the corundum, purple created from vanadi..
29 Apr Gold
Kaleas Ioannis 0 138
The unique properties of gold, and its rarity, are the reason why people loved it, from ancient civilizations until today. Gold does not oxidize (rust), and does not abrade. It is ductile (can be pulled on wire) and it’s as thin as a hair. It is malleable(it becomes into sheets) very thin as well. ..
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