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    Aggelos Kaleas started in Kavala the fulfillment of his dream, the making of jewelry. He received the basic knowledge and he was trained in a local laboratory. His passion led him to Athens where he perfected his technical training and the design of Greek jewelry in large workshops and creators in the area of expertise. Returning to his hometown, he manages to gain the trust not only of the residents of Kavala but also of the surrounding areas.


    The successful course leads him in 1960 to the establishment of his own store - laboratory with the brand name "Angelos". His jewelry are distinguished for their excellent construction quality but also for their design, while he gained distinction due to his professionalism and ethics. He achieved to create relationships of trust with his customers.


    In the 90's the store was established as a reliable and popular point of sale for jewelry and watches.


    Ηis son Ioannis Kaleas picked up the torch after the completion of his studies in Greece and abroad with the  inheritance of the basic knowledge in the art of jewelry and watch. He took over the business with completely new bases, that each gold jewel acquires its own history from the moment of its construction and your best service!

    Owning the multi-year family experience and the specialist knowledge the high esthetics and quality are a philosophy. Following the modern international and domestic trends both in  jewelry and watch and constantly enriching the collections with some of the best classic and modern creations, in the store you will find a huge variety of Greek and international brands in jewelry and watches which  will satisfy  even the highest requirements.


    Our first web page is a fact. The tradition continues with a very entrepreneurial spirit.


    Renewal of the corporate identity "KALEAS kosmima" and realization of radical renovation. The exhibition hall is growing and aesthetically it aligns with the modern needs of a high level jewelry store that covers a variety of jewelry and a wide range of branded watches.


    The e-shop is now ready and this is an elegant electronic extension of our physical presence that enables our customers to complete their purchases remotely. Distinct items and accessories for men, women and children.

    Every thought and desire of yours can come true! Take the initiative and ask us to make for you the jewelry of your dreams!

    In our online store you will find rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, crosses, anklets, neck chains, cuff links, charms, amulets, eyes, zodiac signs, monograms, baptismal crosses made of gold, silver and silver alloys, metal alloys ! In addition, wonderful wedding rings with diamonds, shiny monoliths and jewelry with pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds that will give color and spark to your appearance.

All our products are ready for delivery !!!

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